Intelligent Parking Assist

Nupek Technology is currently working with industry leaders to create an intelligent parking system that saves drivers time and minor vehicle accidents/conflict though the use of machine learning and lightweight hardware sensors. 

*Product still under development and is currently not available for sale.


Natural Language Processing

White Board Notes Extraction

Nupek Technology is currently developing software that will benefit schools and businesses through the use of a small camera placed above the white board that will synthesize everything written and intelligently know when the board is erased or new text is added. The system will also be able to detect diagrams and other vectors not classified as text.


A convolutional neural network will be trained and used to learn how to synthesize text read from a camera at at 160 degree angle.


Smart Object Detection

Nupek has developed a highly accurate object recognition system that can classify a wide variety of objects and can be trained to recognize just about anything.

API is under development, pricing to be announced soon.

Package Theft Detection

Nupek is in the process of developing a state of the art package theft and abnormal activity detection algorithm for use within in-home or business security systems. The algorithm is designed to be lightweight and easily installable. An enterprise version is also under development for use within high security and popular areas.  

Under Development

Facial Landmark Detection

Through the use of a convolutional neural network, we are in the process of creating an accurate and smooth facial landmark tracking algorithm. With this, we hope to integrate this solution into specific sectors such as make-up and face morphing mobile apps to help drive sales of partners in their industries. 

Under Developement

Plant Health Detection

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Nupek Technology takes security very seriously. We protect and secure all data using industry standards. All training data is used with owner permission and client data is never used for improvement without explicit permission.

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State of the Art Tech

The technology used in our products is brand new and is proven to be more efficient than any other technology currently used. Our software is also light enough to be used on mobile, unlike many of our competitors who even struggle on large systems. That's what makes Nupek Technology so different.

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We put an heavy emphasis on affordability, many computer vision companies put a high price tag on solutions that should be made affordable. We create products that even the smallest of businesses are able to afford.  

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