Build your Business
on Better Data

Nupek, Inc. is a real-time video analytics and solutions company providing essential data for retail stores such as traffic density, product tracking, and customer base statistics. 

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Optimize Retail Performance
with Video Analytics

Retail stores are currently in difficult times with online stores having the advantage of customer tracking, targeted advertisements, product placement, etc. Nupek aims to bring these revenue tactics to the retail market.

All data is provided in an easy-to-read format, available for viewing at anytime on your company's dashboard.


A Dashboard with
Insightful Data


Nupek makes it quick and easy to view, analyze, and visualize data of all kinds. From simple object recognition to advanced location-based customer density, the Nupek Dashboard can handle it all.


Making Retail Stores "Smart"

Our mission is to bridge the gap between online and retail stores by bringing analytic tools only available in online markets. We strive to help our clients gain insight into their customer base, increase product sale volume, and provide innovative tools using artificial intelligence.

Our algorithms are trained on large datasets, providing you a level of precision unlike any of our competitors.

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